Day 5 - #Juneau #Alaska It Ain't Haines

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Opportunity to see a bit more of Alaska while have to stay overnight in Juneau to catch 5 am flight in morning. Discovered they actually do have a Taxi service in Juneau, so gave them a holler and got a lift to Tongass National Park for about $10 each way. I gave the driver $20 each way, as I really enjoyed talkin' with the locals! 

Not only is Alaska the largest state by far, everything is just freakin' huge. I tried to capture something in a few photos to provide a perspective. Looking at the Mendenhall Glacier below and Nugget Falls, you might think yeah those are large. But then locate the person walking in the lower right hand corner in the red circle... #perspective

JW1A7521JW1A7521 The visitor center was closed, likely due to out of season hours. But you can still venture around and explore throughout the park. There were 2 trails, Photo Point and Nugget Falls. Photo Point was a simple 1/4 mile walk front and center of the Glacier and Nugget Falls, but nothing really too exciting besides a breathtaking view of both (see above).

JW1A7832JW1A7832 I anticipated Nugget Falls was probably a bit more up my alley...

JW1A7838JW1A7838 JW1A7659JW1A7659

Honestly, I was somewhat hesitant to hike The Nugget, a 1 1/2 mile trail. Not that my gimpy calf couldn't handle the walk, more so that I was solo...and no one to out "hobble run" if I happened to startle a bear. Not to mention there weren't many folks at all in the park today. Decided to make the hike and simply whistle the entire I approached the Nugget I happened upon a very nice couple from Kentucky and walked the last bit with them. Such a friendly sweet couple, I offered to take their photo and send to them. :)


JW1A7609JW1A7609 JW1A7636JW1A7636


The Falls were HUGE, hard to gain perspective from photos, maybe I should've brought a really wide angle lens; see folks in red circle in photo you a pretty good idea on the size of the Nugget.


There were a few Eagles around, normally I would've been all over photographing them, but...

JW1A7857JW1A7857 JW1A7446JW1A7446 JW1A7687JW1A7687

While there wasn't any snow in Juneau yet this year, you could definitely start to see things frost up as the sun started to set and get much colder out. 


I decided I'd better start heading back as didn't want to be venturing around out here in the dark. I quickly remembered to grab a few videos of the Glacier and Nugget...still doesn't do it justice, but nice way to wrap up the little venture in Tongass National Park.

JW1A7602 JW1A7630

I'm sure there's much much more in to explore in Juneau, however...didyouknow I'd still take #Haines over #Juneau any day.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

  • Tom Ganner and his lovely wife for their hospitality, insight, guidance and knowledge of #Haines 
  • My lovely wife, Michelle (aka: daBoss) for simply understanding and believing in my passions as much as I do
  • The man above, who surely was looking down from above throughout my entire journey

Hope you enjoyed reading and appreciate your spending the time to endure a lil' bit of #Haines #Alaska!





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