In The Blind Part II

April 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I've always been a junkie for photogin'...simply have always loved capturing moments and studying composition of every day life. 
While being a pretty hard core runner for 15 years I was typically running as fast as I could, coming from a Soccer background I'd guess probably helped some? I photographed many races back then as well and truly appreciated efforts from front to back of the pack runners. 
However, as I look back there was this "lens capped view" of running and racing, almost through a myopic lens...I retired from "running" in August 2012 at the advise of one of the best hip docs around from NOH.
Surprisingly, the adjustment wasn't as difficult as some might think. Guessing a lot has to do with my wonderful support system of a family, the webDev I enjoy doing and my camera.
The focus of my camera keeps me close to the running community these days; it's truly a shame that for a good part of my running career the lens was capped.
However, retiring from running strangely enough enabled me to remove that old broken lens cap and expose my lens to a more important wider global view of "running"...and really more importantly life.
Those who know me best know I've always been a CAN kinda guy...CANon, CANdroid, etc.
Try removing your lens cap once in a while, you'd be surprised how much it keeps you In The me it CAN be done.


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