Here We Go...Lunchtime

February 26, 2014  •  1 Comment

Some folks hate winter, I personally enjoy the Four Seasons that Mother Nature brings us. These seasons provide a vast range of photography opportunities with all the different climates brought our way here in The Good Life of Nebraska. I used to enjoy winter simply because as a former runner I always loved the cooler weather; always keepin' it real by running in shorts year round and never wearing coat.

As time evolves the next chapter in our lives I find I am still an avid fan of winter but definitely not wearing shorts year round now and actually do wear a coat now! I enjoy the snow, not only to sled with my kiddos, but the peacefulness it brings.

Now a days my favorite part of winter is the latter part when the lakes, rivers and marinas start to thaw...this brings us the majestic Eagle to our parts. They are content on feeding on the dead or alive fish previously obstructed by ice, but now readily available for "Lunch".

That time has come and they're back, so Here We Go...It's Lunch time!

Amazing how quick time passes simply watching and waiting for "The Dive" to occur. The mature Eagles must "teach" the younger immature Eagles as I've witnessed an adult making the dive and tapping the water, only to come up empty handed. But yet only a few moments later an immature makes the dive talons grasping lunch.

It can be quite comical how the Eagles actually fight and chase one another and try to "thieve" a fish from one another.

It's been a long very cold winter, but glad to say Welcome Back My Friends...


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